OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter Back-Tracks Tweet Criticizing Shay Pierce

Posted Apr 1, 2012

OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter has apologized for his tweet that was criticizing his former employee Shay Pierce yesterday. The reason why Porter went after Pierce was because of the Zynga acquisition. Pierce was the only employee from OMGPOP that refused to join Zynga because after the acquisition, Zynga asked him to take down his personal game from the App Store.

OMGPOP is best known for developing the Pictionary-like game Draw Something. Porter called Pierce the “weakest” person on the development team. He also called Pierce “selfish” and a “failure.”

Porter clarified his opinion on the situation in a note to VentureBeat:
?When the game blows up and we have the chance of a lifetime to do something special, and one employee ? who didn?t work on the product and is more about his own games than the team ? jumps in the press and becomes the story, it is very hurtful to all the people who are on the team.”