OMGPOP Rumored To Be In Acquisition Talks With Zynga

Posted Mar 19, 2012

Zynga is rumored to be interested in buying out OMGPOP. OMGPOP, formerly known as iminlikewithyou, created the popular social and mobile game called Draw Something. The acquisition talks with Zynga are not advanced quite yet because OMGPOP is believed to be dealing with other interested parties like Japanese gaming company GREE.

OMGPOP has raised about $17 million. Given how much revenue OMGPOP is currently making, I would not be surprised if they sell for about $150 million. This would be Zynga’s largest acquisition if that was the case. In late 2010, Zynga acquired Newtoy, the company behind “Words With Friends” for $53.3 million in cash and stock.