Omidyar Network Invests $1.4 Million In Ushahidi

Posted Dec 3, 2009

Omdiyar Network – the venture capital firm founded by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and his wife Pam has invested $1.7 million in Ushahidi. Ushahidi is an open source emergency alert platform company. Ushahidi collects information from SMS messages, texts, e-mails, and other sources then verifies it. The associated emergencies are then placed on maps and timelines.

Ushahidi developed the platform during the 2008 election in Kenya. Violence took place out of voted fraud suspicion during that time. The platform was made to collect reports from the Kenyan citizens.  The maps that Ushahidi put together was used by relief organizations and news agencies to track what is happening in certain regions.

Ushahidi has been rolled out in India, Mexico, and several countries in Africa.  Ushahidi will use the money to open an office in Nairobi and to expand their development team.  The Omidyar Network has also invested in several other Internet companies such as Digg, Meetup, Wikia, and Seesmic.