Omnisio Features To Roll Up Into YouTube Through Google Acquisition

Posted Jul 30, 2008

“It?s in this spirit that we?re thrilled to announce Google?s purchase of Omnisio, a small California-based startup that?s focused on making online video more useful and collaborative,” stated The YouTube Team. “The Omnisio team has tremendous technical expertise when it comes to advanced video tools and having this kind of talent at YouTube should help us further explore ways to enhance your YouTube experience.”

In order to enhance the user experience on YouTube, Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) is acquiring Omnisio. Omnisio is a Y-Combinator company that launched in May 2008.  Google is rumored to be spending around $15 million to buy the company [TechCrunch].  Ominisio was founded by three Australian entrepreneurs: Ryan Junee, Julian Frumar, and Simon Ratner.

Through Omnisio, users can sync Slideshare slides with videos.  Omnisio also has the ability for users to comment in embedded videos and mash up videos.  Other Y-Combinator companies that were acquired includes Reddit and Auctomatic.  This acquisition directly allows YouTube to make user video experience as good as Viddler.