On 16th Birthday, Yahoo! Launches New E-Mail Design

Posted Oct 8, 2013

Today is Yahoo!’s sweet 16th birthday, happy birthday Yahoo!  To celebrate, Yahoo! has redesigned Yahoo! Mail so that it has Flickr-generated themes.  Yahoo! Mail also has a new compose screen and put a cap on their previously unlimited storage.  The cap is 1 terabyte, which should be good for (6,000 years of e-mail).  The redesign has been launched today for desktop browsers, iOS, Android, and Windows 8.  Yahoo! Mail has 100 million daily users.

When Yahoo! acquired Xobni this past August, they put Xobni CEO Jeff Bonforte as the head of their communications products.  Bonforte oversaw the development of Messenger, Groups, Contacts, and Calendar.  Plugins were built to enhance Yahoo! Mail.

Yahoo! Mail now has threaded conversations expandable so that you can quickly navigate to recent messages.  By clicking on a magnifying glass next to a sender’s name, you will see every message that you have seen from that person.  Tapping on the compose button will show a white card hovering above the inbox.  In the past, Yahoo! Mail charged $19.99 for premium services like the ability to create disposable addresses, offline access to messages, and the ability to forward Yahoo! Mail to another account.  These features are now free. If you do not want ads to appear on Yahoo! Mail, it costs $50 per year.