On Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Ballmer’s Interviews

Posted Mar 12, 2008

[Video credit: Jon Zmilky@ SXSW conference]

There are very few people that can keep the audience engaged during interviews. Based on the videos I’ve seen, I’d say Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, and Mark Zuckerberg are mediocre at carrying themselves based on charisma. They all lack energy and passion. Steve Jobs is good at it only when there is something good to say about the company such as the release of the iPhone, Apple TV, and new iPod lines. Now that Apple doesn’t have much to talk about, Jobs is staying out of the limelight.

Steve Ballmer is an exceptional speaker. Even when Guy Kawasaki* was throwing all sorts of tough questions and grilling the hell out of Ballmer, the Microsoft CEO used humor as a tactic and was full of energy. But then Ballmer also backed up and answered all of the questions thoroughly and intellectually. Below is Ballmer’s interview:
[Video Credit: CDernbach]
[Video Credit: CharlesP2009]

*Kawasaki is a really good interviewer by the way, but laughed entirely way too much and that was kind of distracting.  I do not think AllTop was the not one of his brightest ideas either. Sure it only costed 10 G’s to launch, but it’s a complete rip-off of popurl.