One Million Apple iPhone 3G S Units Sold In Opening Weekend

Posted Jun 22, 2009

?Customers are voting and the iPhone is winning,? stated Apple CEO Steve Jobs. ?With over 50,000 applications available from Apple?s revolutionary App Store, iPhone momentum is stronger than ever.?

On Friday Apple started selling the iPhone 3G S mobile phones in retail stores.  Between the pre-orders and the retail store sales, about one million Apple iPhone 3G S units have been sold.  That is pretty staggering considering this is the third generation model.

But that’s not all.  About 6 million people have downloaded and installed the iPhone OS 3.0 on their iPhones within five days of its release.  This is great news for Apple, developers, and AT&T.  Its a much bigger customer base for everyone.  AT&T introduced a new MMS plan add-on.  Apple makes money from AT&T for every iPhone that gets activated.  And developers are getting a cut out of the 50,000 applications that are being downloaded in some way.

[via Apple PR]