OneRiot Firefox Plugin Makes Google Results A Lot More Interesting

Posted Jan 20, 2009

There are many companies out there that believe they have created something revolutionary by building their own social search (i.e. aggregating content from various other searches).  Kosmix is a pretty good example of such a search engine.  But this is the first time I’ve seen someone build social search around Google through the use of a Firefox plugin.  Above is screenshot of the plugin being used.

OneRiot connects Google search results with WebMynd History, Delicious, Fluther, CNN, Google Books, TechCrunch, Dawdle Games, LinkedIn, Scribd, Reddit, Economist, Digg, Youlicit, Y! Shopping, Hacker News, Factiva, BackType, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr, Amazon Products, and OneRiot Pulse.

WebMynd can also act as a “DVR for the web” by recording your activity and search browsing history.  To download the OneRiot Firefox Plugin, visit the download page here: