Web Advertising Company OneSpot Raises $1.5 Million

Posted Dec 4, 2012

OneSpot is an advertising company that is planning to reinvent the display ad web banner industry.  The company has raised $1.5 million from RSL Venture Partners, 500 Startups, Ralph Mack, Mike Maples Sr., and Josh Baer.  Content on websites will be transformed into display ads that will be targeted towards specific consumers and help drive click-throughs.

OneSpot previously raised $4.2 million million in funding when they were a company that used a system for finding top stories around specific topics based on linking patterns.  Advertisers can use OneSpot 2.0 to create contextual banner ads simply by taking the website address and dropping it into the ad dashboard.  The content is extracted from there along with images.

You can also create a simple ad that can be A/B tested before being shared with 20 exchanges that the service has partnered with including Google and Microsoft.  The company is seeing around 400,000 impressions accessed per second.  The company also has a bookmarklet feature for advertisers to create ads without having to visit the dashboard.  A user just needs to go to a page and click on the bookmarklet.  All of the ads have Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons on them.

Some of the companies that use the service include Home Depot, Dell, General Mills, Vonage, and Spectrum Brands.  OneSpot monetizes by taking a percentage of the ad spend and this will vary by client.  Currently the service only supports display ads.  Mobile and social advertising channels will be supported soon.