Online Food Ordering Services Seamless and GrubHub Merge

Posted May 20, 2013

Seamless and GrubHub have announced that they are merging.  The combined companies will run continue to run their websites and mobile apps that allow users to order food online to their homes or offices.  GrubHub has over 20,000 local takeout restaurants across 500 cities in the U.S. while Seamless has over 12,000 restaurants in the U.S. and U.K.  Seamless and GrubHub have overseen $875 million in combined gross food sales to local takeout restaurants in 2012.  The combined companies have revenues of over $100 million.  No one will be laid off as a result of the merger.

“GrubHub and Seamless share a common goal to generate more business for local takeout restaurants,” said GrubHub CEO Matt Maloney.  Maloney will be the CEO of the combined companies and Seamless CEO Jonathan Zabusky will be president.  Seamless and GrubHub said that the partnership will help them expand their ordering network and will accelerate product development.

GrubHub is based in Chicago and Seamless is based in New York.  GrubHub has around 350 employees and Seamless has over 300 employees.  The financial terms of the transaction were undisclosed and they have not yet determined the name of the combined entity or have made any other branding decisions.  The combined companies will now have offices in Chicago, New York, Salt Lake City, and London.