OnLive has named IGN chief Mark Jung as new chairman

Posted Mar 6, 2014

OnLive has announced that former IGN head Mark Jung is now their executive chairman. OnLive is going to switch to a new direction by launching two new cloud-based gaming services. The new services are CloudLife and OnLive Go. CloudLift is a subscription service that lets users log in on any device to access digital downloaded games from third parties like Valve Steam. OnLive Go allows users of online games like Second Life to play on mobile games.

OnLive was founded by Steve Perlman, the creator of WebTV, Moxi, Rearden, and Artemis Networks. OnLive competed against publishers like Electronic Arts and did not gain as much traction as expected. OnLive even burned through more than $200 million in funding and ran out of money in the middle of 2012. This is when Perlman lost control of the company. Gary Lauder acquired OnLive as part of a goal to save the company. Lauder hired Jung and several other executives to try and make it work. These executives have been hard at work over the last 20 months.

CloudLife costs $14.99 per month as a subscription service and can take heavy-duty PC games playable on almost any device. Previously gamers had to separately buy a game on OnLive even if they already purchased it on a PC.

Data Centers
OnLive has launched new data centers in Chicago and Seattle. The company also expanded existing data centers in San Francisco, Dallas, Luxembourg, and Virginia. The user interface is built on HTML5 so that it can be updated easily across all platforms. OnLive CloudLift requires users to have an Internet connection that is at least 2Mbps, but works best on 5+ Mbps.

OnLive CloudLift will be launching with 20 games – including Batman: Arkham Origins, The LEGO Movie, Saints Row IV, and Type:Rider.

[Source: VB]