OnStar Helps Find Detroit Kidnapper In Fort Wayne

Posted Jun 16, 2009

General Motors subsidiary OnStar Corporation is best known for designing GPS technology, hands free calling, 24 hour emergency access, and turn by turn navigation.  Earlier today OnStar tracked a kidnapper in Fort Wayne and revealed his location to the police.

Police officers stopped the non-custodial father that kidnapped his three children in Detroit.  The father used a gun to abduct Alannah (2 years old), Ajani (5 years old), and Amari (7 years old).  The children were rescued unharmed but were in “extreme danger” when they were kidnapped.  An Amber alert was issued on Sunday night around 8PM after the abduction took place.

The suspect was Anthony Adams of Cheekawaga, New York.  Adams was arrested on I-69 north of Illinois Road after Fort Wayne.  Adams was arrested on gunpoint and is being held without bail at the Allen County Jail.  Adams faces five previous counts of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, three of the times involving the endangerment of putting the children at risk.