Oomba Raises $700,000, Opening Office In Ann Arbor

Posted Nov 30, 2012

Oomba is a web startup company that is based in California.  The company is opening an office in Ann Arbor, Michigan next week.  Jon Gagnon will be the general manager of the Ann Arbor office.  ?We really want to recruit aggressively right now,? stated Mr. Gagnon in an interview with AnnArbor.com.  ?We?re looking for engineers, mobile developers, front-end designers? really anyone interested in working on the cutting edge of consumer Internet design.?

Oomba ail be renting out around 2,000 square feet in Ann Arbor for the office.  The company is opening an office in Ann Arbor because of the strong talent base and the favorable cost of living.

?You have such incredible talent coming out the universities here, it?s awesome,? added Gagnon.  ?There?s also the history of successful Internet-based tech startups in Ann Arbor. There have been a number of them and the history drives further investment. It?s really becoming a hub for tech startups.?

Oomba is partnered with a website called challonge.com, which lets users create and manage tournaments online and offline.  People can create brackets and manage tournaments by printing brackets out or using modules from the website.  The tournaments include League of Legends and chess tournaments.  They can also be for basketball, beer pong tournaments, FIFA, and Halo.

Oomba raised $700,000 in funding and is working on raising another multi-million dollar Series A round.  The company does not have a source of revenue yet though.  The company is able to attract the funding since their founders are seasoned tech veterans.  The founders are Nolan Bushnell and Michael Williams.  Bushnell is known as being the founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese’s.  Williams was involved in tech companies like CodeFire Studios and Reality Gap.