Open A Lot Of Tabs In Chrome? Download The Great Suspender Chrome Extension.

Posted Oct 4, 2013

I have a tendency to open hundreds of tabs in the Google Chrome browser every single day.  Tab browsing is important for people that spend a lot of time multi-tasking.  However, the more tabs you open up, the slower your computer gets.  Since the Google Chrome opens up every tab as a separate process to prevent the browser from crashing, it takes up a lot of hardware resources and slows down the computer.  This is why you should download a Google Chrome plugin called The Great Suspender.


I just started using it today after reading about it on CNET and it is one of the best plugins I have used on Chrome so far.  I actually hard-tested it by opening 50 tabs at once on my computer, tapped on “Suspend All Tabs” from the plugin button and my computer did not slow down at all.

When I am ready to have a tab loaded, I just simply had to tap on a yellow bar that says “Tab suspended: click to reload.”  The plugin pauses the page from loading until you want to look at it.  You can also white-list certain websites so it is not included in the list of websites you want paused when clicking on “Suspend All Tabs.”