OpenStack Company Mirantis Raises $10 Million

Posted Jan 19, 2013

Mirantis is an OpenStack systems integrator company that has raised $10 million in growth capital financing from Dell Ventures, Intel Capital, and WestSummit Capital.  Mirantis has been pushing the adoption of OpenStack clouds by working with service providers, SaaS vendors, and enterprises.  The company was previously financed from sales revenues.

?We believe that OpenStack is on its way to becoming a universal control plane for the entire application infrastructure fabric,? stated Mirantis president and CEO Adrian Ionel. ?This phenomenon is transforming the industry. To help accelerate this transformation in a meaningful way, we need strong strategic investors like Dell Ventures, Intel Capital, and WestSummit Capital. We consciously picked investors who aligned with us on vision and our commitment to accelerate OpenStack adoption around the world.?

Mirantis is an open source project that launched in 2010.  Mirantis worked with Dell and Intel as founding members of the new OpenStack Foundation.  Mirantis co-founder and EVP Boris Renski was elected to the board of the Foundation.  Mirantis’ customers include NASA, WebEx, Gap, PayPal, and AT&T.