Opera and Google Are Both Switching To Blink From WebKit

Posted Apr 4, 2013

Earlier this week Google announced that they will no longer be using the WebKit mobile browser engine.  They will be switching to Blink, which is Google’s own open-source rendering engine.  Google is switching over to Blink so that they can accelerate the development of the platform.  Now Opera will be using Blink going forward also.

?When we announced the move away from Presto, we announced that we are going with the Chromium package, and the forking and name change have little practical influence on the Opera browsers.? stated an Opera spokesperson in an interview with The Next Web.

Yesterday we wrote about how Samsung and Mozilla will be patterning to develop a browser engine called Servo.  Servo is a browser engine that will support multi-core devices powered by ARM and Android.

A rendering engine is software that takes marked up content like HTML, XML, image files, etc. and formats the information for your specific screen on a monitor or printer.  The layout engine is embedded in web browsers, e-mail clients, and e-book readers.  In many cases, the engines will have to wait for all the data to be received before rending a page.  Other popular layout engines that are being developed today include Mozilla’s Gecko, KDE’s KHTML, YesLogic’s Prince, and Microsoft’s Trident.