Opera Software Loses 10% Of Employees Due To WebKit Switch

Posted Feb 18, 2013

Opera Software has lost around 90 employees.  The downsizing was announced by Opera in their Q4 2012 earnings report last week.  The company ended the last quarter of 2012 with 840 employees instead of the 931 full-time employees that the company had due to a “restructuring” effort.

The cost of the restructuring will cost Opera around $7.8 million in Q4 2012.  The company saw net job growth of 73 employees throughout 2012 while taking restructuring into account.  Not all of the employees that lost their job at Opera were developers.  Some of the jobs of people at the company became obsolete over the course of 2012 because of the switch from the proprietary rendering engine Presto to the open-source WebKit project.

Most of the employees left between October and November 2012.  Many people stopped working at the company voluntarily because of the switch to WebKit after being offered severance packages.  Some of the key engineers were reassigned to product-specific roles within the company.

Of the 90 people that left Opera, around half of them were developers.  Opera is used by around 300 million people every month and they recently acquired Skyfire for $155 million.

[Source: TNW]