Opinion On Netvibes Premium Universes, Corporate RSS Feed Widgets

Posted Oct 3, 2007

Netvibes announced today that they are formally launching Netvibes Premium Universes (NPU).  I first read about it on ReadWriteWeb where Marshall Kirkpatrick mentioned that although NPU is a great idea, it is fairly unlikely that companies will be willing at first to add a widget in an iframe or another Netvibes module form on their websites.  I agree with Kirkpatrick on that point.

If you think simply about companies in the Fortune 500 itself, many of these companies seem skeptical to start their own blogs.  Think about how hard it would be to allow a third party to control the industry or company news on their websites.

Even though I’m new to the job market, I’ve worked for and currently work for some of the most branded corporations in the Fortune 500 and also I’ve worked for one of the biggest software companies in India.  I know from first-hand that such companies aren’t as willing to give up some of their marketing to external parties or software.

Each company has their own marketing and IT departments that do this job for them.  They provide their employees with the industry news that is relevant with their own software or content publishers.

However, I see this as being a good tool for venture capital and private equity companies who solely study certain markets.  This would provide them the ability to see what other types of companies are getting funded in their industry of interest.  If the NPUs were branded for their VC or PE firms, it gives such companies the satisfaction knowing that this cost-effective and custom software was made for them specifically.  But for many of the larger companies, I believe its unlikely that they will be as willing to sign up.

I use Netvibes everyday and its a great tool, so I would recommend it for subscribing to RSS feeds.  I’ve been more pleased with them than PageFlakes.