OpinionLab Raises $15 Million

Posted Mar 12, 2013

OpinionLab is a Chicago-based company that designs customer feedback technology.  The company has raised $15 million in funding from SSM Partners.  Websites that use OpinionLab are able to collect and analyze customer feedback.  Some of their customers include Walmart, Ford Motor Company, Bank of America, and United Airlines.  The company powers customer service for half of the Fortune 500.

If you see a floating plus sign at the bottom of a website, it is likely powered by OpinionLab.  You can submit any feedback to the brand and the company will be able to analyze the data based on the location and types of issues that have arisen.

OpinionLab has mobile customer feedback tools so that mobile consumers can share feedback with brands.  If a consumer wants to share photo or audio feedback, OpinionLab has a tool for that too.  OpinionLab has 16 patents for customer feedback and has 14 patents pending around mobile feedback.

The company analyzes over 10 million location-specific comments each month in over 32 languages and 200 countries per month.  This round of funding will be used for global expansion and product development.