Oprah Surges Past 1 Million Followers On Twitter

Posted May 18, 2009

In less than a month of joining Twitter, TV spokeswoman and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey has accumulated over 1 million followers.  About a month ago, Oprah discussed Twitter with Ashton Kutcher, the first user to hit one million followers and Twitter co-founder Evan Williams.

Oprah has been updating pretty regularly too. She wrote about 45 updates since joining on April 17th.  Most of her updates revolve around who is appearing on her show.  Recently Oprah spoke did a commencement speech at Duke University as her god son graduated from there.  “Speaking at Duke Graduation in a few minutes. Streaming Live on Oprah.com,” she tweeted.

Twitter has a recommended personalities section to add for users when they first join the micro-blogging service.  Oprah has become one of those recommended personalities.  For the celebrities that are on Twitter, the company decided to hire a VIP Concierge.  Back in March, Jason Calacanis offered Twitter $250,000 to the company for making his company Mahalo a suggested user.

Oprah has been making updates on Twitter mostly through the web.  The web is the standard place for users that don’t update much on Twitter.  Many people prefer to update through Twitter-related software on their mobile devices or using the Adobe AIR application TweetDeck.