Optimizely has acquired machine learning startup Synference

Posted Jun 27, 2014

Optimizely is an optimization platform that has announced it has acquired Synference. Synference is a startup that combines the power of optimization and machine learning to automate the discovery of patterns and insights. It is adopted by more than 7,000 customers.

Optimizely is aiming to expand its powerful optimization platform by using machine learning to provide valuable insights and inform decisions. Synference’s technology applies machine learning to A/B testing and optimization, which enables companies to tailor their online experience to each visitor.

“The Synference team has found a way to marry testing, optimization and machine learning? which increases the clarity and volume of actionable data for businesses,” stated Pete Koomen, president and co-founder of Optimizely. “Machine learning can shorten feedback loops and inform a more effective optimization strategy.”

Synference will join Optimizely full-time as members of the product and development groups.