Oracle Acquires Cambridge Based Ksplice

Posted Jul 24, 2011

Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ:ORCL) has acquired Cambridge, Massachusetts based Ksplice Inc. Ksplice won $100,000 in the MassChallenge competition. Ksplice developed a product that removes the requirement to reboot after a systems update.

This would be especially useful for server companies that are worried about rebooting which would cause downtime for their clients.

?System administrators are forced to choose between known best practices and added operational costs when administering Linux updates,? stated Ksplice CEO Jeff Arnold. ?Ksplice?s technology will be able to take Oracle?s kernel updates and transform them into zero downtime updates that provide always-accessible systems with no reboot necessary. This results in improved system availability and security as well as reduced operational costs for the customer.?