Oracle Hires PI To Find HP CEO After Claiming SAP’s Theft Costed $4 Billion [REPORT]

Posted Nov 9, 2010

Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ:ORCL) has reportedly hired private investigators to find Hewlett Packard CEO Leo Apotheker. HP refused a subpoena for Apotheker because they believe Oracle is just trying to harass him. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison believes that the theft SAP made through Apotheker costed them $4 billion.

SAP had admitted to software theft through a subsidiary by the name of TomorrowNow. But they believed it costed Oracle tens of millions of dollars rather than billions. SAP also claims that they shut down the TomorrowNow subsidiary after learning about the theft.

“The interest in Mr. Apotheker on the part of Mr. Ellison only happened recently, as a result of Leo’s appointment to run HP,” stated SAP spokesman Bill Wohl. “That recent interest speaks volumes about why it’s important to them. The question is, does that at all have anything to do with this case?”

Ellison has been unable to provide evidence about the $4 billion claim thus far. The evidence is not looking favorable for Oracle right now because attorneys from SAP have been able to produce e-mails from Oracle executives that states that TomorrowNow was not a threat. Another e-mail was produced that said that Oracle had not lost any large customers to SAP in the two after it the company bought TomorrowNow.