Larry Ellison and Marc Benioff Announced An Oracle and Partnership

Posted Jun 26, 2013

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and CEO Marc Benioff is going to announce a major partnership tomorrow.  The two companies will be conducting a press conference where they will be discussing their nine-year technology partnership.  Ellison and Benioff is going to take questions from the media during the press conference at 4PM Eastern Time. has been using Oracle’s database for a long time now and they will be standardizing on Oracle’s Linux OS distribution, Java middleware, and Exadata server platform.  Oracle will be integrating’s software with Fusion HCM (human capital management) and their cloud-based financial software. will also be implementing those products throughout the company.

Ellison and Benioff were fierce competitors and had strong words against for each other.  At one point, Ellison called a “roach motel” and Benioff accused Oracle of promoting a “false cloud.”

“Larry and I both agree that and Oracle need to integrate our clouds,? said CEO Marc Benioff in a statement.  He added that combining CRM with Oracle’s application will represent the “best of both worlds.”

?When customers choose cloud applications they expect rapid low-cost implementations; they also expect application integrations to work right out of the box?even when the applications are from different vendors,? added Ellison. ?That?s why Marc and I believe it?s important that our two companies work together to make it happen.?