Oracle Wants Apache To Reconsider Dropping Out Of Java Executive Committee

Posted Dec 10, 2010

Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ:ORCL) is asking the Apache Software Foundation to reconsider dropping out of the Java SE/EE Executive Committee. Oracle acknowledged the importance of the ASF to the future of Java. In a blog post from earlier this week, ASF announced that they would be departing because they believe Oracle has too much control over Java.

“The commercial concerns of a single entity, Oracle, will continue to seriously interfere with and bias the transparent governance of the ecosystem,” said Java in a blog post. Apache also did not like the restrictions that Oracle placed on the Java Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK). Apache uses the TCK to test compliance of the Apache Harmony open-source Java run-time.

“Last month Oracle renominated Apache to the Java Executive Committee because we valued their active participation and perspective on Java,” said Oracle VP of Development Adam Messinger. “Oracle has a responsibility to move Java forward and to maintain the uniformity of the Java standard for the millions of Java developers and the majority of Executive Committee members agree. We encourage Apache to reconsider its position and remain a part of the process to move Java forward. ASF and many open source projects within it are an important part of the overall Java ecosystem.”