Oracle Wants More Than $306M From SAP

Posted Sep 4, 2012

Earlier this month Oracle and SAP made an agreement.  SAP agreed to pay $306 million in damages to Oracle for infringing on their software.  Oracle is not satisfied with the agreement any more and they want more.

The company cited the original $1.3 billion fine ordered in 2010.  Oracle is taking SAP back to court one more time to settle the dispute.  Oracle sued SAP in 2007 for infringing their software.  SAP acquired TomorrowNow, a company that specializes in providing third-party maintenance and support service, in 2005.

SAP shut down TomorrowNow in 2008 because of the lawsuit and they have admitted to infringing on Oracle’s software.  In 2010, the court ruled in favor of Oracle and said that SAP has to pay $1.3 billion in damages.  SAP appealed by saying that the amount was way too high.

In 2011 SAP filed for a re-trial to lower the amount they have to pay for somewhere between $28 million and $408.7 million.  In that case, the court ruled in favor of SAP and lowered the damages to $272 million.  If Oracle was not happy with the amount to be paid, then they would have to file for a new trial with damage claims.

Before a new trial was set for late August, the two companies agreed upon $306 million in damages.  However Oracle rejected and filed for a new trial asking for the original $1.3 billion in damages.

?SAP is disappointed that Oracle continues to prolong the case,? stated SAP in a statement after Oracle rejected the agreement.  ?We agreed to reasonable terms in this case, as we believe it?s gone on long enough. We remain determined to work through the legal process to bring this case to resolution.?