Orange Develops High-Tech Tent Concept

Posted Jun 23, 2009

Telecommunications company Orange has created what they believe could be the “tent of the future.”  The concept Glastonbury Solar tent uses photovoltaic fabric, glo-cation technology, a wireless control hub, and groundsheet heat.  This concept tent was built with help of American design firm Kaleidoscope.

The photovoltaic fabric uses solar energy to produce energy for powering gadgets plugged in to the tent, allowing wireless Internet to work, and powering a flexible LCD screen.

Glo-cation technology of the tent gives campers the ability to identify their tents using mobile phones, SMS messages, or RFID. Sending the tent an SMS message, a phone calls, or some sort of RFID notification would trigger it to glow, identifying it from a distance.

A wireless hub on the LCD screen displays how much energy is generated and consumed.  The hub displays the wireless Internet signal strength.  And the hub has the ability to charge up your mobile devices.  The heating of the tent is controlled by the hub.  The groundsheet gets heated automatically once the interior temperature falls to a certain limit.

This tent makes the term “roughing it” while camping no longer apply.  I really do hope that this does become the tent of the future and become available for sale.  I know I’d buy it and want to go camping a lot more.

[via Gizmodo/Orange PR]