Orangutan With Samsung ST 1000 Digital Camera Has Lots Of Facebook Fans

Posted Dec 4, 2009

This orangutan by the name of Nonja is equipped with a Samsung ST 1000 digital camera. Nonja lives at the Vienna Tiergarten Zoo and her camera photos automatically upload to Facebook. Nonja has close to 33,000 fans as of right now. Nonja took about 33 photos so far, many of which are blurry but that shows that the orangutan has creative control of what it does with the camera.

The zoo gave Nonja the camera in order to keep Nonja and her three ape friends entertained in their habitat. The monkeys don’t care much about the photos but they are in the project more for the raisins that they are rewarded with every time they take a photo by the zookeepers.

After the jump is the description of Nonja’s camera project from the Facebook fan page:

Nonja is a 33 year old female orangutan from the Borneo subspecies ?Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus?, and was born in 1976 with us here at the zoo. When she was younger, Nonja needed to be hand fed by a keeper, so she is especially familiar with the human environment. A few years ago, to satisfy her need for new and exciting challenges, Nonja took up painting. In total she painted around 250 works of art with brushes and paint. Over 2000 Euro was paid for one particular painting.

Now, with help from the Samsung ST1000, Nonja has discovered photography and the internet. Using WiFi the camera can automatically connect to her Facebook account. Thanks to the simplest operation, Nonja can now take her own photos ? all of which you can find on her Wall.
Also, the curious Sol and even the commanding male Vladimir won?t allow such an opportunity to escape, and from time to time to play with the camera themselves.

Sol comes from northern Europe. She was born in Boras Zoo in Sweden, on the 4th July 1996, and then from May 2004 lived at the Kristiansand in Norway. Now, since the 17th May 2009 she lives in Vienna. The only male, Vladimir, was born in 1974, came from Moskow to Amsterdam in 1988 and since the 18th July 1991 lives in Vienna.

Mota came from the Artis Zoo, in Amsterdam, on October 7th 2009 due to the closure of the orangutan enclosure. The European conservational breeding program for endangered animals ?EEP? decided that the best place for the 45 year old female would be in Vienna.

Since the beginning of 2009 our orangutans are accommodated in what was previously the Orangery, now a 750 square meter open air enclosure. In the future, a breeding group will take care of new offspring and further research projects are being planned. In many projects the zoo is instrumental in the protection of both nature and the species. Here in Vienna, the orangutans are ambassadors for their kind in Borneo. An association of friends of the Schönbrunn Zoo, the animal protection organisation ?Vier Pfoten? (Four Paws) helps to support the projects for resettlement of orangutans in Borneo.

Further information: www.orang-utans.org