Organovo Creates World’s First 3D Human Liver

Posted Nov 13, 2013

Based in San Diego, Organovo is a medical research company that has manufactured the world’s first 3D liver that uses human tissues.  The 3D liver has the ability to perform important functions of the liver in bioprinted tissues for roughly 40 days, which is better than the 2D versions of the cultures that lasts around 5 days.  Organovo presented the experiment on October 22nd at the 3rd Annual Cell Therapy Bioprocessing Conference in Bethesda, MD.

“This additional functional validation of Organovo’s 3D Liver continues the demonstration of strong performance of these tissues,” stated Keith Murphy, Organovo’s CEO.  “In April we were able to show that liver function was retained in our 3D Liver for over five days, and we have now demonstrated that our tissues perform consistently for at least 40 days, a significant improvement over the average 48 hour performance of 2D cultures. The stable, liver-specific functionality of 3D Liver is consistent with our observations that other NovoGen bioprinted tissues become fully cellular, steady state, living tissues that persist over time.  Furthermore, the fact that these tissues demonstrate similar activity to native liver when presented with a known challenge drug is an encouraging indication of utility in drug development.”

The 3D livers are around a half millimeter thick and 4 millimeters wide.  The researchers used liver cells for testing the impact of drugs and compared it to the 3D liver tissues.

Organovo scientists are planning to create a normal-sized liver, which could be transplanted to patients.

[Source: ScienceWorldReport]