Origami Labs Buys FamilyLeaf

Posted Jul 2, 2013

Origami Labs is a social network for families that spun out of Y Combinator and launched this past month.  Origami has acquired another competing family social network called FamilyLeaf, which is another Y Combinator company.  The terms of the details are unknown.  FamilyLeaf will not be shutting down, but it will not be supported going forward though.

Origami founder Vibhu Norby said that teams at both companies are going to work together to create an import functionality, which will allow FamilyLeaf users to migrate content over to FamilyLeaf.  Users will be given a familyleaf.com subdomain to encourage users to switch services.

Origami used to be a private mobile social network called Everyme.  Everyme used to offer families a mobile and web platform for sharing photos and videos along with the ability to organize photos into albums.

FamilyLeaf allows family members to share photos and messages with each other.  FamilyLeaf is tightly integrated with Facebook.  There is also an SMS messaging service built into FamilyLeaf.

?FamilyLeaf was interesting to us because they were the only major new player in this market that took a modern and beautiful approach to connecting families like we do. When I first met the founders, their vision and their iterative learning process with FamilyLeaf blew me away,? said Norby in an interview with TechCrunch.