Orkut Adds Photo Albums Feature

Posted Jan 6, 2008

On Orkut, users had the ability to upload photos in an unorganized fashion.  But now, Orkut officially introduced photo albums.  For those who already had pictures uploaded, they are now placed in a default photo album.  To add photo albums, click on Photos within your Orkut profile:

Write down a title and description, then click on Create:

The crappy part of the whole photo upload feature is that you have to manually select each image, one at a time.  Not fun.  The Facebook photo album upload feature is a lot more streamlined.  I do not know why Orkut would force their users to upload photos in such a manual manner.

After completing the photo uploads, Orkut users can select an album cover.  Given photo albums is a new feature in Orkut, I’m sure that there will be further improvements as more more users add photos and provide feedback.