Outlook.com Exits Preview Mode With 60 Million Users

Posted Feb 19, 2013

Microsoft announced yesterday that Outlook.com has exited preview mode and is now available to everyone.  ?Today is a major milestone in our mission to provide people everywhere with the world?s best email experience,? stated Outlook.com director of product manager on the company blog.  Outlook.com is a mail service that competes against Yahoo! Mail and Google Gmail.

Outlook.com has social networking functionality, cloud storage through SkyDrive, and Office Web Apps.  Outlook.com grew to around 60 million users in about 7 months.  Outlook.com looks vastly superior to Hotmail.com, the company’s outdated e-mail service.

Outlook.com has useful features like Sweep to clear inboxes of unwanted content and the ability to send photo slideshows from your inbox.  Outlook.com has a less number of advertisements and uses the extra space for Twitter and Facebook updates.

Microsoft has been encouraging Hotmail users to use Outlook.com.  Users are still able to retain their Hotmail e-mail addresses while using Outlook.com.  Once all of Hotmail’s users are moved over to Outlook.com, the service will have around 300 million users.  Yahoo! Mail has around 280 million users.

As Microsoft works on phasing out Hotmail’s user interface in favor of Outlook.com, the company is also migrating Microsoft Messenger users to Skype, a VoIP company that they acquired in 2011.

[Source: Digital Trends]