Outlook.com Gets Google Talk Interoperability

Posted May 15, 2013

Well, we didn’t see this coming since Microsoft and Google are intense rivals.  Microsoft’s Outlook.com has added chat interoperability with Google Talk.  The Google Talk feature in Outlook.com is rolling out worldwide in the next few days.  It will allow Outlook.com users to chat with their friends on Google Talk like they can with Facebook friends.

The new chat feature will be available on several Outlook.com products including inbox, calendar, address book, and SkyDrive.  You can even chat with your friends while working on a document.

Microsoft senior product manager for Outlook.com Dharmesh Mehta said that they heard from users that chat interoperability was one of the reasons why people are not switching back from Gmail to Outlook.com.

In order to enable Google Talk in Outlook.com, users connect their Google accounts using the OAuth system.  New chats can be started by hovering the mouse over a Gmail user’s contact cord or from the chat pane.