Over 100 Million Nintendo DS Units Sold

Posted Mar 11, 2009

Although Sony recently sold 50 million Sony PSPs, Nintendo is flaunting a few big numbers of their own.  Nintendo has sold 100 million DS handheld units that launched in 2004.  The 100 millionth unit sold on March 6.  The new version of the DS, called the DSi is launching in the U.S. on April 5.

The DS has two LCD screens inside, the bottom screen being touch.  It has a microphone built in and has wireless support.  The wireless support allows players to interact with each other within 10-30 meters.  The Sony PSP was outselling the DS initially, but then Nintendo unleashed a game called Nintendogs.  The game was put together by Shigeru Miyamoto and quickly took off.

[via VB]