Over 6.5 Billion Videos Viewed On YouTube In April

Posted Jun 5, 2009

Every day there is about 30,000 hours of video footage uploaded to YouTube.  The amount of bandwidth and storage space needed for this upload rate, YouTube is costing Google about $2 million per day to keep running.  That is about $730 million per year.  YouTube currently isn’t making as much as it costs, but it is getting there.

In April, about 16.8 billions were viewed on the Internet in the United States.  This is a 16% increase over the month before.  The reason for the surge from March was primarily due to YouTube’s growth.  Google accounts for about 41% of the online video market.  In April, there were about 513 million MySpace Video views and 397 million video views on Hulu.  Yahoo! Video has about 355 million video views.

According to Alexa, YouTube is the #3 most visited website in the world following Google and Yahoo!, respectively.  The websites behind YouTube are Facebook, Windows Live, MSN.com, Wikipedia, Blogger, Baidu, and Yahoo! Japan, MySpace, and Google India.

[via PCW]