Oxford English Dictionary Adds “Tweet” To Their Lexicon

Posted Jun 17, 2013

The Oxford English Dictionary has added the word “tweet” to their lexicon this month.  Tweet was listed as a noun and a verb.  The Oxford English Dictionary broke one of their own rules because generally a word has to be in existence for ten years before being considered for inclusion.  Twitter turned seven years old this past March.  The reason why tweet was added quickly is because it has became widely used.

The Oxford English Dictionary also added to the definition of “follow.”  That definition also includes the tracking of a person or organization on a social media news website like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.  This form of the word “follow” grew quickly in general usage.

Other words that were added to the Oxford English Dictionary this month includes “flash mob,” “3D printer,” “search engine optimization,” and “live blog.”

The Oxford English Dictionary adds around 200 to 250 words every quarter.  The word “blog” entered their dictionary in 2003, which is around four years after the word first came up.