Ozmott is a Michigan based mobile rewards app that is different from daily deals services

Posted Feb 11, 2014

There are hundreds of national and local online discount services that consumers can choose from whether it is Groupon, LivingSocial, Restaurant.com, etc. The problem is that the merchants have a tendency to feel ripped off after selling products at a deeply discounted price. This is an issue that Ozmott aims to fix.

The name Ozmott is based on a combination of the words “osmosis” and “kismet” said the founder of the company Joseph Walker in an interview. Walker told me that he used to work at an animation studio in Burbank before deciding to launch the location based mobile marketing app. He said that he does not consider his company to be a competitor of the aforementioned discount service though. He said that many brick-and-mortar companies try to compete against apps by posting coupons on their websites or through the mail. However, people always have phones in their hands. There is no changing that. What Ozmott does is provide the ability to redeem rewards based on commission. These rewards are called “Pips.”

Ozmott has a system for automatic sharing of redeemed discount offers and it has a unique ramification element that uses the “Pip” to drive the ecosystem. Most other mobile retail apps rewards the shopper even before they have purchased a product at their business. Ozmott rewards shoppers after they have purchased a product there.

The Ozmott app has GPS tracking to allow consumers to access an Exclusive Offers Suite to find stores in the area for using the offers. This feature shows shoppers where to collect and redeem discounts when buying the products. Users are also encouraged to share the deals with their friends to earn additional Pips. By using Ozmott, the merchant gets a real-time marketing and metrics channel while addressing the effectiveness of mobile campaigns and coupons.

As Pips are stored, they can unlock Luxe offers, which are big discounts on products. For example, you could receive $100 off of a kayak from MC Sports if you hit over a certain number of Pips.

Ozmott is available for download on Apple iOS and Android. Ozmott launched out of Traverse City, Michigan and has signed up over 4,000 retailers in almost every state including major retailers like MC Sports, Guitar Center, Quiznos, Pet Supplies Plus, etc.

Here is a demo video of how Ozmott works: