Pacific Gas and Electric Company Planning To Deliver Solar-Powered Electricity

Posted Apr 15, 2009

Pacific Gas and Electric Company(PG&E), a utility company based in California is seeking approval from state regulators to enter a power purchase agreement with Solaren Corporation, a company based in Southern California to have clean power delivered in 200 megawatts form.

Solaren will generate power by using solar panels in the Earth’s orbit.  This energy will be converted into radio frequency energy for a receiving station in Fresno County to receive through transmissions.  The energy will then be converted into electricity and delivered to PG&E’s power grid.  If necessary, Solaren plans to procure additional land for an energy receiving station.

Solaren’s team comprises of satellite engineers from the U.S. Air Force and Hughes Aircraft Company.  The company is led by CEO Gary Spirnak.  If the project is successful, residents in California will be able to benefit from being able to pay for affordable clean energy.

[via Next100]