PadMapper Gets Around Craigslist C&D

Posted Jul 9, 2012

PadMapper app creator Eric DeMenthon received a cease-and-desist letter from Craigslist, but has found a way around them.  The PadMapper app has apartment lists from Craigslist and displays them on a Google Map.  The letter that was sent to DeMenthon accused PadMapper of violating Craigslist terms of use.

Craigslist said that they do not sell their data to websites so he could buy a license to include the postings in a mobile app.  However DeMenthon said that he was not doing any harm to Craigslist.  If anything PadMapper was driving more traffic to Craigslist.

PadMapper is partnering with 3taps to access data about Craigslist postings. 3taps is not subject to Craigslist postings because they gather data through indirect means. PadMapper did not want to grab the data this way, but it seemed like he had much choice.

?I did some back of the envelope estimates of how much of people?s time and effort it would waste if I didn?t, and it became clear how much less nice it is to waste the time of millions of apartment hunters out of stubbornness or some clearly inaccurate assumption about the will of the community. If it takes half of PadMapper?s millions of monthly users 3 hours longer now to find an apartment, that?s over 350 man-years wasted per month, or 5 lifetimes. That really pisses me off.?