Paid Customers of GMail for Google Apps Want Labs Features

Posted Oct 27, 2008

Over the last few weeks, it seems like GMail has released a plethora of Labs features.  But from what it sounds like, paid GMail Google Apps users don’t have the same benefits of using them versus those who use GMail for free.   As of this past July, it seems like Google Apps advisors have been manually enabling Labs for individual users requesting for the service on a Google Groups forum.

“Please remember it’s still an experimental feature,” stated a Google App Advisor after enabling the Labs for certain users.  LMckin51, a user in the forum also mentioned that Google Apps Labs fix is on the low priority fix for the Google Apps Engineering Team so there really isn’t an ETA for paid Google Apps users to have the same benefits as free GMail users.

This information was brought to my attention by Harry Maugans, founder of, a top wallpapers website.  Maugans receives a large number of e-mails regularly regarding his site and he mentioned to me that GMail for Google Apps does not have the ability to move the signature to the top of a message either.  There is a GreaseMonkey script that has this ability, but it does a shoddy job.

Not providing Labs for paid users seems unfair to me.  Each Google Apps GMail account costs $50/user/year.  I think by paying this fee, Google Apps users have earned the same rights as those who have free GMail accounts.