Pair App Being Sued By Pair Networks Hosting Company

Posted May 7, 2012

Tenthbit’s Pair is a social networking app for couples that has raised $4.2 million in a seed round of funding. They have just gotten sued by a Pittsburgh-based hosting and domain name registration company called Pair Networks. Tenthbit sued Pair Networks back to try to prevent the other lawsuit from going ahead. Pair Networks is asking for an injunction on Pair the app and “other relief as this Court deems appropriate.” Tenthbit has argued that the two do not compete directly and would not result in any brand confusion.

Pair Networks said in their lawsuit that Tenthbit “doubly infringes” on their trademark through both the use of the brand “Pair” and the URL Pair Networks said that they have spent ?substantial amounts of time, effort, and money? to make sure the public associates the Pair family of marks with their company.

Pair Networks started in 1998 and they offer their services in the U.S. and internationally. They said that they deliver over one billion web hits per day to their servers. The Pair app has hit 220,000 downloads since launching in the Apple App Store one month ago. Below is a copy of the filing:

Tenthbit vs pair Networks