Palantir Hires The Voicegem Team

Posted Feb 17, 2013

Palantir has acqui-hired the team behind Voicegem.  Voicegem is a Y Combinator Summer 2012 company that launched a voice e-mail service.  Voicegem’s service is going to be shutting down effective mid-March.  Voicegem delivered around 1 million seconds of voice recordings.

Arda Kara and Alexander Blessing thought of the idea for Voicegem while getting their computer science Masters at Stanford University.  The two came up with the idea when they wanted to find a way to communicate more intimately with their families back in Germany and Turkey.  The time difference made it difficult to call them regularly.  This is why they built a website which makes it simple to record a voice message.

Voicegem became the alternative to a phone call for thousands of people of all ages.When taking a million seconds of audio recordings cut up into 30-second voice messages mean that Voicegem was average around 138 recordings per day in a 6 month span.  The company never raised any funding beyond what Y Combinator provided.

[Source: TechCrunch]