Palm Announces JavaScript App Framework ‘Enyo’

Posted Nov 22, 2010

HP subsidiary Palm has announced Enyo. Enyo will be coming in early 2011 and it features a JavaScript app frame work with native hardware acceleration. Enyo also has faster app load times. One of the more interesting components of Enyo is that it will have the ability to natively scale to multiple aspect ratios. Scott Miles of HP had demoed the framework earlier this week by showing a single-pane portrait e-mail application in the desktop version of Chrome. He then maximized the browser window to show a three-pane landscape layout that looks better on a tablet device. Enyo is expected to replace Mojo in 2011 and is expected to be built into Palm tablets in early 2011. Check out the video demo below (Enyo framework demo starts around at the 16 minute mark).