Palm App Catalog Gets About 666,000 Apps Downloaded In First 12 Days

Posted Jun 19, 2009

Since the Palm Pre has been released, they have sold over 100,000 devices.  Many of the retail stores selling the Pre had sold out on the first day giving Sprint a sales record day.  Over the first 12 days of the phone being on the market, about 666,000 applications were downloaded from the Palm App Catalog according to mobile analytics company Medialets.

These 666,000 downloads were made across about 30 applications available so far.  When Palm first launched the catalog, they had about 18 applications available for download.  No new applications were introduced in the last week.  When Apple launched their store, they had over 500 applications for download and millions of iPhone and iPhone 3G phones on the market downloading them.

Palm doesn’t have many applications available because there is limited access to the webOS software development kit.   And according to a TechCrunch commenter, the Palm OS doesn’t allow access to the 3D card which limits the number of entertainment applications.

[via TechCrunch]