Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein Also Replies To E-Mails

Posted Mar 28, 2010

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has personally responded to e-mails with questions that are sent to his corporate account.  His responses have gained a lot of media attention so a reader of Zatsnotfunny sent an e-mail to Palm, Inc. (NASDAQ:PALM) CEO Jon Rubinstein to see if he responds too.  The reader got a response back from Rubinstein, a former Apple executive.

The e-mail that the ZatsNotFunny reader sent said:

If Steve Jobs responds to people, I figured I’d try this.

Wanted you to see this. I might ha bought a Pre had your commercials looked like this.

Suggest you chat your Marketing / PR team.



Below is the response from Rubinstein

I sometime respond too 🙂

You should buy a Pre plus because it is the best smartphone on the market. Try it, you’ll like it!!!!

thanks for forwarding,


[ZatsNotFunny via Gizmodo]