Palm Hires Former Apple Exec Jeff Zwerner As SVP Of Brand Design

Posted Aug 8, 2009

Palm and Apple have become rivals in the mobile sector ever since the launch of the Pre device.  The Pre was specifically targeting the market share of the Apple iPhone.  Sure the iPhone has millions of more devices than the Pre, but that isn’t stopping Palm from poaching Apple’s top talent.

The CEO of Palm Jon Rubinstein was one of the early developers of the iPod when he worked at Apple.  Now Palm has hired Jeff Zwerner as the company’s Senior Vice President of Brand Design.  Before that Zwerner worked at Apple as the Creative Director for Packaging.  After that, Zwerner chartered the San Francisco branch of Factor Design.  Factor Design has done artwork for Apple, The Walt Disney Company, Coca-Cola, Gap, etc.

[via Engadget/PreCentral]