Palm Pre $100 Mail-In Rebate Is Instant At Best Buy and Radio Shack, $549 Without 2-Year Contract

Posted May 21, 2009

Good news for those of you that want the Palm Pre but don’t want to get locked into a 2 year Sprint contract.  The phone without a contract costs about $549.  The phone will be arriving on June 6 for $199 with a two year contract with a $100 mail-in rebate if you buy it from a Sprint store.

However representatives at Best Buy and Radio Shack have confirmed that buying the phone from their stores will allow you to avoid mailing in that pesky $100 rebate yourself.  At those stores the rebates will be instant.

In conclusion, I recommend that if you are going to buy a Pre, get it from Best Buy or Radio Shack.  But if you return it to Radio Shack later on, make sure not to get punched.