Palm Pre Helps Sprint Break Sales Records

Posted Jun 8, 2009

With the weekend’s launch of the Palm Pre, Sprint has been able to hit a new sales record.  “We experienced our best one day of sales and single weekend sales for any phone we’ve launched in our history,” stated Sprint VP of Business Marketing Tim Donahue. “We sold out of the device over the weekend in most of our store locations. And it happened at a much faster rate than we had planned on. ”  The specific sales figures are not known.

Lines had formed at the Sprint Stores across the nation, but the phone was low in supply.  Thus resulting in the item being sold out fairly quickly.  The numbers estimated to have sold are about 50,000-100,000 within the first couple of days.

The sales were quite miniscule compared to the first couple of days of the iPhone, but Sprint and Palm expected that.  After all Apple had already been established as a company where their products were a must-have.  Palm is seen as the struggling David in the Goliath battle.

The inventory will be replenished as quickly as possible.  But it will see itself competing against the new iPhone 3GS.  It’s an uphill battle, but I’m glad to see Palm as becoming a major player in the smartphone battle.

[via CNET]