Panasonic Announces HM-TA20, HM-TA2, HX-WA10, HX-DC10, and HX-DC1 Camcorders

Posted Feb 18, 2011

Panasonic has announced 5 new camcorders. The camcorders are the HM-TA20, HM-TA2, HX-WA10, HX-DC10, and HX-DC1. Below are the specs of the camcorders.
– HM-TA20 – The HM-TA20 is a Flip-like camera with a lens on one side and an LCD on the other side. It can do 1080p footage, but does not do optical zooming. It also has 3 meters of waterproof protection and records at 15fps.
– HM-TA2 – The HM-TA2 is like the TA20 but it has slightly less features. But The TA2 has comes with a tripod.
– HX-WA10 – The WA10 is water-proof, shock-proof, and dust-proof. It can take 16 megapixel pictures and record at 1080p. It has a pistol-like grip and can flip-out. It has a 3 inch LCD to view the video.
– HX-DC10 – This is just like the WA10, but it is not waterproof, dust-proof, or shock-proof.
– HX-DC1 – The HX-DC1 can take 14 megapixel pictures and it has a 3-inch LCD. But it is not touchscreen.