Panasonic Announces The Lumix FX78

Posted Jan 27, 2011

Panasonic has announced the Lumix FX78. The FX78 ultracompact camera has an f2.5-5.9 24mm equivalent wide-angle lens with a 5x zoom. Other specs include 3.5-inch touch-screen LCD and a 12-megapixel high speed CCD sensor. It has a Venus Engine FHD processor with a full resolution of 3.7 frames per second. The camera has HD movie capture in AVCHD format. The FX78 can shoot 20 shots and it picks the best two for creating a 3D MPO file. This can be played on 3D-enabled TVs. The FX78 will be available this March in black, gold, and white. The price is not yet known.